Websites development and maintenance

Milleniumprod have been developing and maintaining the group internet tools and policy for more than 8 years.
The redesign of website brought BFSA new online sales opportunities. Carefully monitored and permanently improved, the website became one the only platform in the region to offer a real professional tools to customers.

Mobile application
Balitrand mobile application allows its customers to access all product information and services via a dedicated mobile app, ready to use everywhere: at home, in store and even on construction sites. A very helpful tool, connected with the central system, that embeds a product scanning tool, authentication system and customized prices, safe access to documents, real-time order and tracking.

Connected to the group internal data system, the website gives real-time information about product, events and offers, and offers customers a dedicated professional interface to access their current financial status, invoices, quotations, order tracking, personal discount, and to pass orders.

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